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***Nouveau*** Infolettre Finalytix

Rester connecté à vos clients grâce aux infolettres Finalytix inc..

  • Se distinguez-vous de la compétition en communiquant plus fréquemment,
  • rassurez ses clients sur l’atteinte de leurs objectifs,
  • annoncer des changements aux portefeuilles,
  • mettre à jour les objectifs de ses clients,
  • rehausser l’expérience-client

les avantages sont nombreux…

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Preview of what you will find in our investment review guide

12 Best Praticles

1. Do your homework

Gather materials necessary to conduct a productive meeting: investment policy statement (IPS) objectives, portfolio review report, market results and outlook, data to support your views (see Appendix C for a suggested agenda)

2. Be honest

Most common question clients ask is “Am I on track to meet my goals?” so the key is to respond with honesty, transparency. We recommend to compare the target asset allocation return distribution with portfolio return.

3. Control what you can

Instead of focusing only on short term market performances, it’s better to emphasize on what will help your clients attain their long term objectives. Explain how your wealth management approach, your value added (behavioral<br /> management, cost-efficiency, tax efficiency, rebalancing, periodic investment reviews, etc…) will increase probability<br /> to reach their target (keeping them invested, lowering volatility, increasing return, etc…)

4. Be transparent

Discussing fees (ex: CRM2) should not be a problem once you have clearly identified your added value in the investment process so its recommended to provide clear, candid fee disclosure

5. Uncover important changes

Ask your clients to describe any financial or personal changes that could effect their required return/risk tolerance, etc… One easy way is to sign an new investment policy statement.


Investment Process: the Investment Review

12 Best Practices

Value Added of Rebalancing you Asset Allocation

The Investment Review value added

Value Added of monitoring your Selection

Suggested Investment Review Agenda

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