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Focus on fiscal plan


Danielle is passionate about tax planning. Building a customized tax plan for her clients is a great value added since nobody likes to pay too much tax. It’s also a way to stand out from other financial advisors. Moreover, spending time building plans provides her personal satisfaction, motivation and a greater quality of life at work. Unfortunately, over time, the operational constraints of the profession required her to spend more and more time to complete tasks with little value added and little interest for her.


Recently, she made an important decision in her career. She decided to increase her quality of life by spending more time on tax plans. She heard from a friend that Finalytix could help her achieve that objective very rapidly. Since then, Danielle has achieved her goal of spending more time developing tax planning while Finalytix is following here portfolios and components for her. Among other things, Finalytix measures her contribution as manager of managers, identifies performance contributors and detractors and classify her portfolios and components performances versus their respective benchmarks. She can thus make faster and more effective decisions about rebalancing and product selection. More importantly, she can reassure her clients about the feasibility of their financial goals and communicate results to her teammates, clients and prospects. Note that Finalytix keeps her portfolios’ track record (since inception) and performs annual portfolio updates at no extra charges. Finalytix also offers a multi-factor product-selection process. This unique approach also takes into account the interaction between products (Best Fit).