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Looking for a process


A group of financial advisers decided to combine forces and team up in order to construct model portfolios and rigorously monitor the results using a spreadsheet. Their models show very good results and they use it to reassure their customers and attract prospects.


Detailed monitoring of portfolios, however, proves to be a growing headache. Indeed, a considerable investment of time is required to ensure the monitoring of portfolios and their components in order to make informed and timely investment decisions. As traditional investment statement is insufficient to explain the results to clients reassuring them their objectives and to demonstrate its value as a manager, reporting to meet these needs becomes an indispensable tool. Then they invited Finalytix to demonstrate their capabilities to leverage advisor. Finalytix offers over 25 years of experience in portfolio construction and specializes in performance attribution. Always at the forefront, they use state-of-the-art institutional tools. Finally, the group chose two services:


1. the Quarterly Investment Review Report (Detailed monitoring of their portfolios and components) and

2. One-pager “Fund Fact” to promote their portfolios with their prospects


The team is now focused on the analysis of results and portfolio management rather than reporting what constitutes the best use of their time. In addition they now have an effective retention tool for their customers and a promotional tool for prospects.
From time to time, the group uses Finalytix to accelerate their selection process by getting access to comparative analysis and multi-factor methodology.