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Robert , 35, is a successful mutual fund representative from Southern Ontario. He is regularly invited to join the President’s Club created by his brokerage firm to reward the best sellers.


In 2003, this successful advisor is shaken. Against all expectations, global equities recorded negative returns for the third consecutive year. Its customers seriously started to worry and he does not know what to say to reassure them.  That’s when he decided to ask us for help. We analyzed its portfolio models that were constructed from the best funds in the industry. We showed Robert that, although he picked very good funds, his portfolios were poorly diversified. We then started to rebuild his portfolios from the ground up but also using favourite fund companies and managers to facilitate the transition. Each portfolio were designed to fill a clear objective for his clients in terms of risk-return. Robert redefined his business offer based on these new models and all the time saved to get his insurance designation.  This reengineering process has allowed him to add insurance brokerage to its initial business offer, to have better portfolios and more time to spend with clients instead of administration. He now qualifies himself as one of the best producers in insurance.